Our Services


Product development from consulting to full project management

  • Product development strategy from concept to sale
  • Mechanical and electronic based designs
  • Functional requirements documentation
  • Create cad drawings / schematics for manufacturing
  • Create cost effective design & development strategy
  • Proof of concept models / protos for validation testing
  • Prototype for demonstration / trade show exhibition

Existing product development 

  • Existing product re-design / optimization / modernization
  • Product / feature modernization or complete re-design
  • Accelerated life test and predictive failure analysis report
  • Competitor product analysis & reverse engineering
  • Early development stage validation

Prototyping and proof of concept

  • Right out of the catalog looking production samples
  • High quality production prototypes for demo / trade show
  • Short run production for alpha / beta testing

Product Analysis and Product safety plus validation testing

  • Accelerated life test and predictive failure analysis report
  • Test lab liaison services
  • Lab site beta testing
  • Safety testing & risk analysis reports, design remediation
  • Regulatory compliance test & certification
  • Product performance claim validation testing & reporting

Manufacturing in India and China

  • Domestic manufacturing / vendor screen and deployment
  • Fair labor practice & policy verification / certification
  • Cost of goods optimization through tariff / duties exploitation opportunities

Quality assurance & inspection

  • Create a quality assurance plan & policy for in-house and vendor compliance
  • Create vendor screening protocols to ensure accountability and compliance
  • Identify product specific quality and reliability metrics

Marketing strategies/channel development

India business consulting


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