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India Entry

        For companies that are looking to develop business in the Indian region, the Rhythm team provides a powerful mix – extensive knowledge of the Indian business environment, a perspective of the future developments in the Indian market, and multi-country multi-cultural experience.

      Whether you are at the “concept” stage of looking at the Indian region, or would like a hands-on implementation partner, Rhythm can work with you through the whole process from idea generation to having a successfully running business operation on the ground.

Here are some ways in which we can serve.

Market Strategy and Plan

  • Research the market and identify opportunities
  • Create the most appropriate strategy to fit your business and develop the business plan

Setting Up the Legal Entity

  • Support the government approvals process
  • Provide representation and liaison presence
  • Set up the legal entity / company as a formal presence

Market Entry

  • Identify strategic partners
  • Due diligence of partners

Office set up

  • Set up operations for you in India, including real estate, recruitment, support services and systems
  • Provide ongoing management support during early stages of the company, or even at more mature stages

        In addition we take on specific consulting engagements to coach, guide and train our clients, their distribution partners overseas and their overseas vendors on how to prevent and overcome the unique challenges of doing business between their country and India.

India Talent Acquisition

Business Laws & Regulations in India

Costs of Doing Business in India

Travelling to India on business

Business Taxes and Custom duties in India

Mergers & Acquisitions in India


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